Zoning Regulations to Consider When Remodeling a Home

Zoning regulations are primary factors that indicate whether a given source is suitable for use in residential, commercial, or other open space needs. Considering the zoning regulations is highly important during the building process of a home. It determines if the home adheres to the certain conditions offered in the locality and the designated zones. However, zoning must also be considered while undertaking any remodeling works in the home.

Using a home remodeling service to remodel the home will involve alterations in the overall size of the home since it involves the addition of spaces. Below are some of the basics about zoning that should be considered when remodeling a home.

Setback Requirements

Setback requirements are an important part of zoning regulations that manages the distance of the home from the property line. While undertaking any major home remodeling works, it is highly important to understand the location of the property lines accurately. This measure of the distances will differ considerably on each side of the house.

Some of the setback requirements for the front of the home from the main road are 20 feet and about 5 feet from its sides. Having a clear understanding of the total area that the property covers is more important as it will help the homeowner in determining whether the house is located on the property line and make sure that any remodeling works will not encroach outside these lines.

External Construction

One of the most influential ways in which zoning regulations affect the home is its external construction. In the case of a neighborhood, the surrounding homes will always come up with means to ensure the quality of the community and the values of the property. This is to make sure that the remodeling of the homes will perfectly blend in with the architecture and designs of the neighboring homes. Moreover, zoning regulations also make certain that the residential neighborhoods remain safeguarded from any kind of commercial construction projects.

Home Additions

Remodeling a home can get some restrictions from certain communities that have different requirements relating to multi-story homes. This as well needs to be taken into account. In addition, using a remodeling additions contractor for undertaking any work that converts spaces such as the garage into additional living spaces is prohibited by zoning laws of different neighborhoods. Such regulations restrict the conversion of spaces for living by remodeling and only give preference to single-family residence.


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