Using Stone Sealers and Enhancers in Kitchen Countertops

You may consider installing natural stones and custom countertops in your kitchen while remodeling and ask your kitchen remodeling contractor to use stone sealers and stone enhancers to improve the longevity of these stones. In simple terms, stone sealers are used to offer a stain resistant barrier to stone countertops, whereas stone enhancers will help bring out the natural colors of many of the stones that are used in kitchen countertops. Explained below is what it means to enhance and seal the stone surfaces of kitchen countertops.

Stone Sealers

Stone sealers are used to offer a protective barrier to the stone, which helps to prevent staining. Adding stone sealers will offer you extra time to clean the spills. Without the stone sealer in place, the spills might soak into the stones easily. While it is true that none of the stone sealers available in the market are truly stain proof, using high-quality stone sealers will offer stain resistance. This is done by increasing the reaction time of the spill on the stone countertop. Stone countertops that are sealed properly will not get stained as easily as those that are not sealed.

Kitchen remodeling contractors and experts in the industry claim that with most of the types of stone tiles, the sealer should be applied every two to three years to ensure maximum effectiveness. Factors that affect the period of application of stone sealers include:

•Porosity of the stone used in countertop;
•Traffic level in the area;
•Cleaning frequency of the stone countertop; and
•The type and quality of the previously applied sealer.

Stone Enhancer

Stone enhancers will not offer any protective barrier to the stone countertops, and they are used to enhance the natural color of the stone. Usually, an enhancer can help you get the deep color and luster of stone countertops. Kitchen remodeling contractors also use stone enhancers to add varying levels of luster to stone countertops.
Using a stone enhancer on the countertop is up to you, but you should not skip using a stone sealer, as it is important to properly seal the natural stone surfaces to maintain the look of the countertop and to prevent wear and tear. Even the areas with low traffic should be sealed properly to ensure good stain resistance and long life to the kitchen countertop.

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