Tile and Wood Combination Flooring to Beautify your Home

Flooring is an area that can easily help you add texture and beauty to your home. Remodeling contractors say that a combination of wood and tile flooring is a very popular choice these days, and it helps to add charm and personality to all the rooms in a home. Below are some interesting floor transition ideas combining tile and wood in unique ways.


Offering a transition between wood and tile flooring is a great way to add character to your home. Addition contractors can help you have popular and stylish transitions in different materials and designs that stay within a given budget. Whether you go for plain ceramic strips or decorative glass mosaics, a transition can help you connect adjacent spaces in a unique and beautiful manner. If you wish to have a customized fading effect on your home floor, you will need to design the transition in a way that features tile and wood pieces arranged in the pattern of a checkerboard.


Distinctive patterns with wood and tile can be used to add elegance to your living room, kitchen, or foyer. The basket weave style is one of the most popular and trending styles featuring long wooden planks around square tiles that are placed diagonally. Popular hardwood pairing choices for this floor design include ceramic, slate, porcelain, and Travertine. Pattern flooring is well suited for larger rooms like halls, dining rooms, kitchens, etc., and many homeowners prefer pattern flooring for a more aesthetic appeal.


A tile medallion is a superb way to beautify hardwood floors. This design involves adding an oval or round mosaic tile into the hardwood flooring. The tile will be typically placed at the center, although the pattern and design options in medallion flooring are endless. Tiles made from materials like ceramic, marble, limestone, glass, slate, and combinations of these materials can be used in medallion flooring. Medallion flooring designs can be simple, complex, as well as anything in between.


If you are not interested in having a combination tile and wood flooring, you can go for more subtle looks. For instance, you can try pairing wall tiles of your bathroom with dark hardwood, or opt to use tile in the kitchen floor and backsplash, together with wooden exposed beams and other wood accents. In addition, if you have a fireplace in your home, you can offer a tile border to it to have a gorgeous look.

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