Things to Note When Remodeling your Front Porch


A remodeling additions contractor would be beneficial in retrofitting the old porch at your home to a new and updated front porch with improved curb appeal and expanded outdoor space. If you are planning to remodel your home’s front porch, follow these steps below to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner.

Identify the Home Style

Your home may be a stick-built house or a prefabricated home designed in colonial style, raised-ranch style or cape-cod style. Note that an extended front porch with concrete pavement would drive a pathway through to the home’s patio door – so identifying your home style is essential.

Assess Key Details

Landscaping requirements would necessitate additional space in the front porch. Some homeowners may have added a raised bed garden in the front yard, in which case, remodelers would place a new decking after paving the front porch. Most of the remodeling service providers tend to work on these minute yet key details to keep the front porch appeal as elegant as it was in the beginning.

Choose Addition Material

Anything between wooden porches, porch on tiles, bricks, or concrete are deemed fit to retrofit and remodel the front porch. For instance, a tongue and groove is a wooden plank wherein close boards get joined with interlock ridges and hollows on either side. Whatever the choice be, make sure the materials match the style of your front porch and give durability with long lasting effects.

Hire the Best Remodeling Service

The best in the business know how to retrofit, repair, and remodel the front porch at home in a matter of days. However, if your front porch is sloped with utility systems running underneath, the remodeling works may take longer than usual. Only experts know how to look into the hidden details in home remodeling, and the same goes true for front porch retrofitting.

Maintenance Comes After the Retrofit

After the front porch remodeling and retrofitting work are done, homeowners need to maintain the front porch by painting it fresh once every five years, at the very least. You also need to look after the downpipe underneath the front porch. These may seem like little things at home, but often, it is the little things, that end up adding value to your homes.

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