Things to Know about Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Most homeowners resort to remodeling the entire kitchen when they feel the design is outdated, especially the cabinets. However, remodeling can be a more cumbersome process especially if you are looking for replacing the cabinets only. Instead, you can go for cabinet refacing, which is the preferred option by many professional kitchen remodeling companies nowadays.

Refacing is a viable alternative to replacing the entire kitchen cabinets and provides an option of improving the looks and functionality of the existing cabinets used in the kitchen. In fact, the availability of numerous materials and other options gives cabinet refacing an edge over replacement. Described below are a few elementary things that you should know about kitchen cabinet refacing.

Refacing Materials

Wood veneer is a commonly used material in refacing kitchen cabinets. It offers the look of real wood without costing much more than actual wood. Wood veneer is available on the market as sheets that can be cut to the required size of your existing cabinets.

Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) is one of the most affordable materials for using in kitchen cabinet refacing. RTF is a vinyl material that can be affixed onto an existing cabinet by the careful application of heat and pressure. RTF material is available in different styles and colors that make it easy for you to select one that suits your styling.


Cabinet refacing only costs half the price of what is required for a total replacement of the cabinets. A professional cabinet refacing project only requires a cost of about $3000-$5000. However, the cost would increase depending upon the material used in the project, such as real wood veneer.

For refacing works with high quality veneer, the cost will be about $7000 to $9000. Besides, the total costs in the refacing work also involve various additional aspects such as the purchasing of new items such as knobs, hinges, and pulls.


One of the key benefits of opting for cabinet refacing is that it costs only half as much compared to a full-scale replacement. A cabinet refacing project involves replacing the old paints of the cabinet with new ones as well as carrying out various structural changes. This will enhance the functionality of the cabinets greatly without damaging the existing structure of the cabinet.

Cabinet refacing is a quick project that can be completed within a week and does not involve the complications that commonly arise during a full-scale kitchen remodeling project. Moreover, refacing will aid in equipping the cabinets with heat, moisture, and impact resistant features.

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