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Go green & create your energy efficient home

Creating an energy efficient home provides many advantages, such as lowering monthly bills for electricity, creating a healthier and more comfortable living space, and helping the environment. Going green does not only mean installing solar panels. Creating an energy efficient home can include many upgrades, such as:

Solar Panels:
By harnessing solar power, you can directly lower your electrical costs, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. In some cases, you can even sell excess energy back to the electric company and earn money.

Home Insulation:

By properly insulating a home, heating and cooling costs decrease, and it creates a quieter and more comfortable living space.

Window Replacement:

Newer windows are now more energy efficient than ever with double glass panes. This helps regulate temperature within the home and reduces outside noises.

Sealing the Home:

Often homes have small cracks or holes through which air travels, costing more in heating and cooling costs. By sealing these leaks, you can lower electrical costs, as well as keep dust and pollen from entering your home.

Replacing Appliances:

Replacing older refrigerators, water heaters, stoves, furnaces, or any other appliances in your home can drastically lower electricity costs, by replacing them with newer energy efficient models.

Upgrading a home to be more energy efficient is possible for any homeowner. Not only newer homes benefit from going green, older homes can benefit just the same. Going green can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but save you money. Often, the amount of money saved even exceeds the cost of upgrading the home. At AID our experienced professionals will help you to minimize your carbon footprint, while maximizing your savings.

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