Room Additions

House Additions

Add comfort & value to your home – Room additions are a wonderful way to update a home, without breaking the bank. More often than not, people grow out of their homes. Whether they get bored of the layout, require more storage, or have a growing family, sometimes your home just doesn’t suit you as well as it used to. One option is to just ignore the problem altogether and suffer in an increasingly cramped home. Another option is to sell your home and search for a new one. This is not always the best option, because aspects you may have really liked in your home may not be available in other homes, such as location, room layouts, a second floor, etc. Creating an addition to your current home is usually the best solution to your growing needs for space.

You may ask, “Why would building an addition solve my problems?”

Room additions can serve many purposes, and with the ability custom design the project, a homeowner can truly create a whole new space in his home. The primary purpose of any room addition is completely up to the homeowner, and it is this flexibility that makes room additions the perfect solution. Whether you want a guest bedroom, bathroom, garage, or even a walk in closet, the options are only limited by your imagination.

Now more than ever is the time to start planning your new room addition project.

Room addition projects are more affordable than most people think, yet it is very important that this is done with the help of an experienced and licensed contractor who can ensure home additions and extensions are safe, completed to city’s codes, and meet the client’s flawless expectations. Whenever a homeowner begins construction on their home, especially with additions, there are many considerations that the average individual would not be aware of. AID’s experienced professionals know how to deal with all common problems associated with room additions, anywhere from plumbing leaks, electrical failures, to structural inconsistencies, without sacrificing quality, safety, or most importantly your budget.

AID is committed to providing every client the very best craftsmanship and customer service. We will maximize your living space and ensure that your project will be what all your neighbors will be raving about.