Room Additions – Building Up vs. Building Out

Are you planning to add space to your existing home? If so, you will need to seek the help of addition contractors to finish the project successfully.

Home remodeling contractors usually follow two ways to add rooms to a house – the room either is built up (vertically) or built out (horizontally). However, the method of the addition will often depend on the purpose of the addition.

Usually, the kitchen additions go out, but it may vary with the space restrictions. There can be many ways to design a room additions project and it will be good for you to know the details of building out and building up, as it will help you decide on the type of addition that is suitable for your home.

Building Up

Addition contractors follow different ways to facilitate room addition without increasing the footprint of the house. It is possible to add a story to a single-story house, and there are ways to expand an existing upper floor as well by adding dormers to pitched roofs.

Another option to increase space without increasing the footprint is to add living area above porch, garage, or sunroom. This will help you gain more living space in the home.

Note that even though you do not need to give up an area of the yard to make a new foundation to support the room addition, the contractor may need to expose and reinforce the existing foundation and walls of the home under the newly added space. This is to make sure that the foundation and walls can support the extra weight of the addition.

Building Out

Many of the modern room additions involve increasing the footprint of the home. This is because much of the room additions are usually first floor additions involving kitchen expansion or adding extra rooms.

Building out involves digging up the yard, where the room addition will sit, to install a new slab or a foundation to support the weight of the addition. The addition contractor will then erect the walls and roof before opening the existing outside wall of the home to link the addition to the existing space.

Usually, building out does not disturb the existing space and your life if you are planning to live in the house throughout the project. In addition, if you are planning to have only a small addition, the contractor may help you have a bump out which can help you avoid the foundation works.


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