Remodeling Ideas for Smaller Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the other major spaces in a home where there is an extensive scope for the remodeling process. They encompass a wide range of possible options for a full-scale remodel, which will completely augment the space for a new experience. The prospects that lie in remodeling bathrooms extend not only to the lavish settings but also to smaller bathrooms.

Most homeowners are reluctant to opt for a remodeling of their bathrooms owing to their smaller space. However, this is a false notion, as there are various methods to maximize the space of a smaller bathroom while also improving its functionality and looks.

The process of remodeling, when applied the right way, can definitely alter the overall aspects concerning a smaller bathroom space by the effective usage of space, décor, and lighting. The following are some ideas and tips to include in the remodeling project of your bathroom.

Addition of Open Shelving

Opting for an overall upgrade of the cabinet designs is certainly the best way to maximize the available space in a bathroom. Open shelving design or a compact medicine cabinet will enable the bathrooms to appear more spacious, while also providing an excellent way to store the necessities relating to use in bathrooms.

Mounting Pedestal Sink

The addition of a pedestal or wall-mounted sink is another excellent remodeling strategy employed in smaller bathrooms. It can impart a feel of less clutter in the available space. In addition, mounting the pedestal sinks onto a corner of the bathroom will provide more floor space.

Painting Solid Wall Colors

The paint colors can certainly influence the look and feel of the bathroom. Using white or lighter natural colors will aid in imparting a more open and appealing feel to the bathroom. When including bolder colors, it is better to utilize them for highlighting specific areas of the bathroom.

Including Windows

The inclusion of window into the remodeling design is an excellent way to let in more light as well as get ample airflow in the bathroom. Glass showers are also good additions to create more depth, thereby contributing to increasing the overall space in the bathroom.

Accent Lighting

Adding accent lighting into the bathroom is another good alternative that helps to make the room appear larger. It will also definitely enhance the design aesthetics by making a warm and appealing space.

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