Questions to Ask Before Adding Rooms to your House

If you were planning to add more rooms to your home, you may have already flipped through popular home magazines, visited showrooms, and studied houses of your friends. You might even have a clear aim, a strict budget, and a book filled with ideas, clippings, and plans. However, you should not start with your room additions job until you ask yourself the questions shared below.

How would you design the house if you were building from scratch?

“It’s so hard to see past what’s already there, like a bookcase or a doorway or wall,” says Dennis Wedlick, who is a New York City architect. “So forget about your house. Imagine you’re starting from scratch and create the ideal home.” This will help liberate your thoughts to become creative and will also help you to prioritize the goals for the room additions.

Is there a cheaper option to get what you want?

If there is a downturn in your addition payback, it does not mean that you should drop the project, but you should look for ways to decrease the cost of the project. The best way to do this is to find ways to decrease or eliminate the need for additions. For instance, see if you could use a basement or attic to add more living space to the home and decrease the cost of extra room additions.

Will the Room Addition Add Value to the Home?

Even if you are not planning to sell the home anytime soon, you will need to consider if the room addition will add value to your home, as you or your family might have to sell the home some day. You may also apply for a home loan or refinance your home, so you will need the best possible appraisal. This is why it is important to consider the resale value of the home after the room additions.

Addition jobs are often the costliest among home projects and the returns from addition projects are less when compared to remodeling projects. To increase your payback, you may add amenities that are popular in the community or the area.

Are there any zoning restrictions you need to comply with?

Most of the municipalities have rules and regulations on what and where you can build. This also includes room additions. For example, even though local zoning regulations vary, generally you will not be permitted to build within 20 feet of your land, 7.5 feet on both sides, or 15 feet on the back. There are also rules and regulations on how much of the area can be covered with impermeable materials or how close you can build to wetlands.

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