Planning Second Level Room Additions

Second level room additions may sound like an extreme way to increase space in your home, but there are many situations where second level home extensions make good sense. In certain circumstances, adding an extra level to your home can be a great money saver and you might be able to improve the overall value of the home.

An interior remodeling contractor might provide you with at least three options while you are planning second level room additions. The first option will be to tear off the roof of your home to build a new upper level for the house from scratch. The second way is to sever the existing roof of the home around the edges and lift the roofing temporarily to frame in the new level to the home. The third method is to expand an upper level across the one story section such as a porch or a flat roof garage.

If you are looking to add a considerable amount of space to your home, but are on a tight budget, the smartest option might be to add an extra level. One of the reasons for the cost to be lower for this remodeling job is that you will not have to do any foundation work in this case, which is a very costly portion of home building and remodeling. However, you will need to get the existing foundation of your home checked by an interior remodeling contractor to ensure that it is capable of supporting the additional weight.

You might also save a lot on roof construction costs by lifting off the existing roof of the home with a crane in sections and then reinstalling the roof after the addition of the second story is finished. Renting a crane for the job can be expensive, but it will be cheaper than building a new roof for the new level.

Additionally, adding a new level that fits on top of the existing footprint of the home means that you are doubling the area of the home in just a matter of a few days. After adding the new floor, you can finish off the work of the new space, room by room or all at once as your budget allows you. If you are planning to have the new rooms as simple spaces with inexpensive finishes, you will be able to keep down the total costs for the addition to almost half of that of ground level additions of similar sizes.

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