Methods to Alter an Existing Floor Plan

The need to alter an existing floor plan may arise out of living contingencies. Sometimes, the size of a room may not be adequate especially when a close friend or relative chooses to be your permanent guest. So to help you out, below are some easy ways to redo an existing floor plan within a given budget.

Garage Living Spaces

Garages are usually spacious enough to accommodate many individuals, including many of the personal stuff you rarely use. Relatively fewer modifications on the garage would add square feet to your entire floor plan.

Is your garage wired? Does it have proper plumbing system in place? If so, then it can easily serve as an additional living space. Just make sure to check with the zonal department to know whether regional rules permit remodeling of a garage into living spaces.

Open Concept Floor Plan

Traditional methods of the architecture used to entertain floor plans with partition wall enclosures. Adding an open floor plan makes the given space seem bigger in size and transmits natural light everywhere. Expanding the large space with tiny interior units keeps the dwelling works done by an interior remodeling contractor to a bare minimum.

Room Additions in the Basement

Adherence to HUD codes is applicable in the case of room additions in the basements too, and so are fire safety precautions. Contemporary working class people usually embrace the concept of room additions in the basement to enable work from home or small office. During the non-working days, you can use the same office for entertainment purposes or simply host small gatherings.

Lateral Floor Expansion

In regions where interior remodeling contractor is disavowed to build up, lateral expansion is the only choice. Two factors to consider in the case of a lateral floor expansion are the property lot space to accommodate the expansion and the harmony with your neighbors. The steps involved in floor extension makes the role of an interior remodeling contractor extremely pivotal. In a bid to up the resale value, you would not want to infringe on nearby property.

Room Addition to the Attic

Three factors have to be considered if you are planning to remodel the attic.

  • Can the home withstand the weight of a room addition?
  • Does the attic have a high ceiling to accommodate space?
  • Does the remodeling re-route your HVAC systems?

Attics forming the size of an entire home makes room for additional living space conceptualized by an interior remodeling contractor. Besides, you can always have one use or the other for the attic.

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