Home Extension Tips: Adding a Bathroom to the Basement

Adding a bathroom to the basement can cover up the deficiency in the number of bathrooms at home. Modern day spacious bathrooms give you plenty of room to play with while at a bath. In fact, the prime concept of spa-inspired bathrooms is that they give homeowners a relaxing break from work or day-to-day stress.

A home extension project allows you to arm their basement with a room addition and that room can be a bathroom. Several remodeling projects include plumbing works either upstairs or downstairs. So adding a bathroom in the basement will not be much of a hassle.

Adding a Bathroom to the Basement

First, you would have to decide where to place the bathroom in the basement. Well, you don’t have to bother about water supply, as the home remodeling contractor usually takes care of all the amenity placement.

As you consider the design of a bathroom – either spa-like or common – ask these hygienic questions:

  • Does the basement have to be bathrooms?
  • How often do you take full baths and when do you take shower baths?
  • Do you prefer a bath in the bathtub or the walk-in shower?

Since a basement is a chilled out place, it can offer privacy for some works. In fact, if you use the basement as a private hub, then you have incoming guests during off days. A concerned room serves your guests well when they come knocking on your doors.  Yet again, with an effortless home extension, you can furnish the basement in such a way that it offers you a quiet and relaxing bath always. So you need to weigh in your choices wisely, and depending on your requirements.

Note that your home extension project might need a zonal permit to get started and that is given by a federal regulatory body. Having obtained permits to add rooms to a home, seek a home automation appraiser to evaluate the home basement. An appraiser will inspect the sewage systems, drainage facilities, and other amenities at your home. Only after you approve of the remodeling works to be done, and are okay with the budget, the remodeling contractor will start the work.

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