Home Extension Basics you Need to Know

Many homeowners realize that they need more space in their new home only after moving in. If you are a person who is not happy with the current space in your home, then there are two options for you – either sell your home and look for another one with more space, or simply extend your home.

The second option is a lot much better, because extending your home is affordable, easy, and it certainly adds a lot more value to your home However, if you want to get the desired result, then you should consider a few factors and plan prudently. Below are a few things you should note before extending your home.

Building Regulations

Building regulations can be a bit complicated. So, make sure to check the building regulations in your county or area before extending your home. Hire a professional homebuilder to help you in remaining complaint with the council regulations on home extension. If you fail to follow the council regulations while extending your home, then you will likely face heavy charges or penalties.

Avoid Neighborly Disputes

You certainly don’t want to unsettle your neighbors and create disputes. Disputes may happen when you cross boundaries, invade the privacy of your neighbor, and when you are too noisy during the extension works. So, try to avoid these scenarios.

In addition to that, you should also try not to disrupt the solar access and view of your neighbor. Tell your neighbors about your extension plans before you start with the work, as it will certainly help you to avoid problems or disputes with them.

Look for a Builder with a Good Reputation

Finding the right homebuilder to extend your house is one of the most crucial and important things to do before moving ahead with your plans of house extension. You must spend a quality amount of your time to find a professional homebuilder, and make sure that the builder is licensed and insured. You should also share your suggestions and ideas with your builder before proceeding with the extension of your home.

Beware of Tree Preservation Laws

You must be aware about the laws that are related to the preservation of trees while planning an extension for your house. This is especially important if your home is located in a conservation area where all the trees have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

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