How to Get the Best Remodeling Work Done

If you are planning a room addition project to improve the space in your home, you will need to manage the process actively, even if you have hired the services of a remodeling contractor to supervise the project. This will help you get the best outcomes for sure. However, make sure that you do not lose focus, as you may have to pay for it when you become apathetic and lose interest in the project. Below are some easy tips to be on top of the remodeling project and get the most out of your remodeling contractor.

Avoid Allowances

In simple terms, an allowance is a line item that is included in the bid of the remodeling contractor for the things that are yet to be decided. For instance, if you have not yet decided on the flooring hardware to be used in the master bedroom, the addition contractor will provide an allowance number in the quote as a placeholder. However, with a wide range of prices available for these items, the final estimate of the remodeling may be much higher than what you initially planned to spend on the project.

You need to try to eliminate all allowances before starting with the project. This can be done by sorting out all the product and material selections before the itemized bid is provided by the contractor or room addition agency. Another idea is to do enough shopping to learn the correct prices for all the items.

Have Good Communication

You should always have good communication with your remodeling contractor. You can be on-site and talk to your contractor every day before the work begins, you can have the cell phone number of the contractor and call for any remodeling project related queries, or you can discuss with the job supervisor every day at a fixed time.

No matter what your planned communication mode is, you should try to meet the remodeling supervisor at least once a day during the project. This will give you the chance to know about the progress of the remodeling works and understand the schedule for the coming days. This will also offer you a chance to voice your doubts and questions about the ongoing job.

Track and Record Changes

The room addition team might encounter unforeseen structural issues during the project, or you may plan to include more remodeling ideas as the addition project evolves. A good addition contractor will be able to handle the additional work, but you need to make sure that the remodeling contractor bids the extra work in writing.

Make sure to specify in the contract that you need change orders in writing for the things that are going to add to the total cost of the project. This means  that the remodeling contractor will need to offer you a description of the changes and the fixed price for the same. In addition, you and your contractor should sign the change order before starting the remodeling work.


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