Essential Patio Remodeling Tips for your Home

The patio is one of the essential spaces adjoining a home used for recreation and outdoor dining. The summer with its warmer climate and blue skies is the perfect time for enjoying outdoor fun. It is also the best time for upgrading the existing patio with an improved design for quality outdoor living spaces.

Homes without a patio can be compensated by the addition of one during the remodeling process. Below are some helpful tips from professional remodeling companies for adding a patio to your home.


The location is a crucial requirement when considering setting up a patio to your home. It remains the ideal place for recreation and entertainment of the family and guests. This is why the type of usage intended with the patio needs proper consideration before deciding on a location for building it.

For relaxing in the presence of ample sunlight, it is better to construct the patio alongside the family room, which also serves an excellent way to expand the living spaces.


In the process of setting up the patio, make sure that the location in which it is set up receives a good amount of sunlight throughout the day. In addition, the use of sunshades and umbrellas along the patio can effectively designate areas for relaxing outdoors.

For those intending on setting up the patio without too much exposure to the sun, the northern or eastern sides of the house are the ideal locations. Building the patios on these sides facilitates good exposure of sufficient morning sunlight. For shades, consider placing trees and vine-covered pergolas near to the patio.

Quality Materials

When building a patio, the materials employed in its construction should be of excellent quality and durability to withstand the changing outdoor weather conditions. The heat of the sun during summers and freezing temperatures during the winter can take a toll on the life of the patio. Therefore, it is vital that every aspect of the patio, from the deck material to the furniture, is built of quality materials that offer good weather resistant features.


Determining the size of the patio is crucial especially if you intend on using them for big family gatherings or dinner. In such cases, the patio must be large enough to accommodate tables, chairs, as well as the grills and barbecues. In addition, the size of the patio must also have room for additional seating for relaxing and recreation.

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