Effective Ways to Make Kitchens More Eco Friendly through Remodeling

Remodeling has acquired a new makeover in the industry with the concept of including eco-friendly features in the process. This can have a considerable impact in the remodeling of the kitchen and will make it much more energy efficient and appealing.

The kitchen generates most of the waste in a home, many of which can have a harmful effect on the environment. By incorporating eco-friendly remodeling techniques, many of these effects on the environment can be reduced greatly thereby enabling sustainability in living. Below are some effective ways to make kitchens eco-friendly through remodeling.

Installing Energy Efficient Lighting

The kitchen is the most utilized portion in a home and thereby it consumes kitchen-remdoeling-south-gate-california-300×229more electricity in the form of lighting and appliances. Installing energy efficient lighting such as LED lights will help in conserving more energy as they use less electricity than conventional tungsten and fluorescent bulbs.

During the remodel, allocate spaces where the LED lights can be affixed perfectly. You can also consider any recessed lighting fixtures in the kitchen if your budget allows. This can provide effective illumination for the entire kitchen space with much less energy consumption, while also providing a rich appeal to the interior.

Opting for a Green Lifestyle

Planning the remodel to include several eco-friendly features is one way to prolong the sustainable nature of the kitchen and in opting for a greener lifestyle. Select a specific space to allow for depositing the compost, which can be used for other purposes such as manure for your vegetable garden.

This can help to prevent the pileup of waste near the home that can cause harm to the environment. Consider building separate slide out drawers during your kitchen remodeling project for effectively sorting out waste that would help to make the recycling better.

As the kitchen uses more appliances than the rest of the house combined, using energy efficient appliances consumes much less energy and is an effective way to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the kitchen. So choose kitchen appliances that have an EnergyStar certification.

Sustainable Kitchen Flooring Options

It is better to opt for changing the flooring of the kitchen with more eco-friendly options when you plan a remodel of the culinary space. Classic wood is a good choice to include in the kitchen flooring, but you need to choose one with FSC certified standards. This ensures that the wood is only sourced from reclaimed wood and that ensures the least amount of damage to the environment.

Cork is also another eco-friendly option to use in the kitchen during remodeling, and it offers cushion for the feet making it a viable flooring material to enhance comfort.

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