Different Types of Home Sidings

If you are planning to add more value to your existing home, then re-siding it in the appropriate way at a reasonable price will be a great place to begin your project. This is because re-siding can instantly bring a fresh look to your home and make it a lot more appealing to guests and other viewers. In addition to that, re-siding will also help the homeowners to significantly cut down the energy costs of their home.

There are plenty of different options available to you when you are choosing a siding and some of them are shingles, clapboards, fiber cement, and vinyl. However, note that the siding that you choose should suit the architectural structure of your house, climate, and neighborhood.

Vinyl Siding

There are a number of upscale options available to users when it comes to vinyl siding. One of the most popular vinyl siding choices is foam-backed vinyl, which is also called foam-core vinyl siding. This type of siding creates a strong solid foam barrier with the home, which in turn makes it more weather resistant and energy efficient.
One of the major advantages of choosing vinyl siding is that homeowners can make it have the appearance of wood. Furthermore, you will not have to suffer the burden of maintenance because vinyl siding requires very little maintenance.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is another type of durable siding choice. This type of siding can also be made to look like wood or any other texture. Fiber cement siding is moisture resistant and incredibly strong. Additionally, it is also capable of withstanding winds up to 200 miles per hour, which makes it a durable choice for homes that are located in hurricane-prone areas.
Fiber cement can also be made into trim pieces, shakes, shingles, lap siding, and architectural panels. The durability and strength of it makes it a popular choice to many homeowners.

Wooden Clapboard

Clapboard is also known as lap siding, weatherboarding, or bevel siding. This type of siding is the perfect choice for you if you have a historic house, which needs to preserve its traditional integrity. If your home already has clapboard siding, then your remodeling contractor will advise you to just replace or repair the damaged areas. In addition to that, the remodeling contractor may also advise you to re-paint the exterior of the siding.

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