Different Types of Home Extensions

CONCRETESERVICESFINALHome extension does not mean just increasing the footprint of a home. It includes things much more than that. There are different types of home extensions such as internal alterations, loft and basement conversions, conservatories, and detached extensions. Below is a brief look at the different types of home extension projects.

Internal Alterations

Internal alterations are not always thought of as a type of home extension, as it is possible to make changes to the internal layout of the home to offer increased accommodation without increasing the overall footprint of the home. However, it can be considered a type of home extension when additional space is offered by providing an upper floor to the home with the use of prefabricated trusses.

Remember that internal alterations also fall under building regulations and you will need to seek the service of a room addition contractor to alter the internal area of your home.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversion is a popular way of home extension for many reasons. The primary feature being this type of extension will help to make better use of the underutilized space that usually stores old furniture and other items.

Making use of the loft can be a cost effective way to offer extra space as the basic structure is already present and you do not even need to invest in the structure.


Many homes in the US are made with basements and that area can be very well used for home extension. Making use of the basement and converting it to living space can be an economical way to increase living space inside the home without altering the footprint.

If your home has an existing basement that does not need much work to change it into a living space, an addition contractor can help change the place into living space with just a few add-ons. However, some basements may need ground lowering to allow better in and out access, especially if the patio is low.


Conservatories can be defined as an area with a translucent roof that is used to grow tender plants. Some older homes in American suburbs have conservatories that can be altered for use as living spaces. In fact, a conservatory can be altered into a living space without spending much money and a room addition contractor can help you achieve that easily.

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