Common Kitchen Extension Options for your Home


Kitchen extension is one of the most sought over works during home remodeling. It is the process of creating extra space in kitchens of smaller size and functionality. Kitchen extensions are a good way to enhance the look and functionality of the kitchen as well as improve the value of the home. They can create more space for cooking as well dining and relaxation. Moreover, incorporating a kitchen extension will considerably alter the feel of the home.

Consulting with a kitchen remodel contractor is recommended before carrying out any extension work. They will aid in working out the best possible means in extending the space of the kitchen for accommodating all of your needs. In fact, there are many types of kitchen extension options available out there, and some of the most preferred options are discussed below.

Single Story Extensions

Single story extensions are an effective way for including additional space in the kitchen. They consist of one floor and will aid in extending the first-floor space of a home. Single story extensions are useful for homeowners looking to include some additional space to their kitchen for the purpose of dining, workspace, or keeping appliances.

Side Return Extensions

Side return extensions are another option for enhancing the spaces in the kitchen of your home. These types of extensions are ideal for houses having leftover spaces in the sides. Side return extensions are easy to include into the existing space and can provide extra room in the kitchen. These extensions are ideal for creating spaces that are not regularly used.

Rear Kitchen Extensions

Rear kitchen extensions are another commonly used option for most homes. They extend from the rear of the house and are a viable alternative for homes that do not have an option for fitting side return extensions. Additionally, there are three roofing options for rear kitchen extensions, namely mono-pitched roof, centre-pitched roof, and flat roof.

Wrap Around Extensions

Wrap around extensions is a combination of both a side return and a rear kitchen extension. This extension option is ideal for kitchens that require large extra spaces. Wrap around extensions come with two roofing options, pitched or flat roof, and you can choose any based on your styling preferences.

Conservatory Extensions

Conservatory extensions are excellent options for homes having less natural light entering the interiors. This type of extensions are much lower-priced than other types of kitchen remodeling extensions and can offer the kitchen spaces better views to the outside. In addition, conservatory extensions allow more natural light to enter the kitchen.

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