Choosing Windows for your Kitchen or Bathroom

WINDOWSFINAL-2The kitchens and bathrooms are usually the most sought after places to carry out remodeling in most homes. They are the most used spaces in any home, and therefore, a majority of the remodeling work is concentrated in these spaces.

Several aspects are taken into consideration during a kitchen and bathroom remodel, such as the flooring, cabinets, and custom countertops. Replacing the windows also has a prominent place during the remodeling works in the kitchen and bathrooms. In fact, this is particularly important over other aspects because the type of windows can largely influence the appeal of the space and the functionality.

Below are a couple of things to consider while choosing kitchen or bathroom windows during your remodeling project.

Style and Functionality

The style and functionality of the windows are the key aspects that must be considered while selecting them for use in kitchens or bathrooms. Windows that are used in the kitchens are usually placed in positions above the counters or sink, whereas bathroom windows are placed above the counters and tubs. Select a window style that perfectly meets your requirements and is easy to operate, as windows are often placed in hard to reach areas.

Consider opting for sliding or casement windows for bathrooms, as they are much easier to operate. Another key functional aspect is ventilation. Always make sure to place the window properly to get the best ventilation for the bathroom or kitchen. This will help in maintaining proper lighting and air circulation inside the kitchen and bathroom space.

Window Material

The material of the windows must be chosen well in accordance with the space available in the bathroom or kitchen. As these areas require windows that can resist moisture buildup and are easy to clean, it is better to consider window materials like wood, fiberglass, or vinyl.

Fiberglass can resist heat and cold very well, whereas vinyl windows are easy to clean and do not need extra painting works or staining. Wood can be a cheaper option to consider, especially when your budget for the remodeling work is limited. However, make sure to consider a material with excellent moisture and stain resistant properties when selecting windows for bathrooms or kitchens.

Extra Features

Windows chosen especially for the bathrooms must allow sufficient light inside while also maintaining privacy. Windows with opaque glass are a good option, as it will allow light to enter while also providing good privacy to the bathroom space. Using additional window coverings such as between-the-glass shades or blinds are also preferred for kitchen and bathrooms. As they are tucked in between the glass panes, they stay free from moisture and stains.

Besides that, the added shades and blinds also help in preventing allergens and can further be accommodated into any home automation project by enabling motorized controls with cordless blinds and shades.

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