Best Flooring Options for Remodeling your Home

The flooring is one of the most important things to consider during the remodeling of a home. However, deciding on the type of flooring that suits the home best is confusing for most homeowners. Moreover, there are various flooring materials that are available these days, made either using natural stones or manmade materials. Due to this, anyone wishing to remodel the flooring of their home is presented with a wide array of options.

Remember that deciding on the flooring option should be entirely dependent on its costs, functionality, and design. Below are some of the best flooring options that you can consider when remodeling your home.


Vinyl floors, such as sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles, are an excellent option to consider when replacing the flooring in your home. It can be installed directly onto the surface of an existing floor such as that made of floating hardwood. However, applying a layer of self-level compound on the surface is required before installation. This will enable the grout joints to be filled and flush onto the tile surface. Failing to do so will result in the grout joints to appear as a depression on the vinyl surface that can lead to broken pieces.

Natural Stone and Tiles

Natural stone and tiles are the best materials when it comes to flooring the entire home. Installing them however, is a difficult process and requires the removal of the previously laid flooring material. Moreover, applying a layer of thin set mortar is also needed when placing the tiles on top of concrete slabs. If the tiles are fixed on top of wood subfloors, the mortar should be applied thickly for supporting the whole surface of the tile uniformly.

Floating Hardwood/Laminate Floor

Floating hardwood/Laminate floor is one of the best options to look for due to their relatively easy installation and reasonable pricing. For installing floating floors, the installation surface must be flat and solid. Because of this, floating floors can be easily installed above any existing flooring material like hardwood, tile, or vinyl without the need of removing them.

Apart from the above-mentioned options, you can also go for carpeting for a smoother and softer finish. Unlike hardwood and vinyl floors, carpet can be easily affixed to any subfloor with tack strips at the edges or by gluing it down to the existing flooring surface. It is easy to install, is cheaper when compared to other options, and can be upgraded or altered as and when you want.

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