Best Countertop Options for Outdoor Kitchens

kitchencountertopsOutdoor kitchens are getting increasingly popular across most homes in the United States, and it has become a preferred home extension project of most homeowners. Having an outdoor kitchen can enhance the area in the home and is a great place to enjoy outdoor dining and recreation activities.

Countertops are essential components of any kitchen, be it indoor or outdoor, and serve the purpose of providing adequate space for the preparation and serving of food. Besides that, they can also be used for dining and help in enhancing the appeal of the kitchen.

Choosing custom countertops for an outdoor kitchen requires considering various requirements. For one, you need to choose the right kind of countertop material that is specifically suited for use outdoors. Below are some of the common countertop materials to consider for your outdoor kitchen.

Stone Countertops

Stone is an ideal countertop material for use in outdoor kitchens. It is a highly durable and highly dense material, which makes it resistant to heat. However, stone is a porous material and will become stained easily.

Granite is one the most durable and preferred materials for stone countertops. It is available in an array of different colors and patterns that helps in beautifying the kitchen space just as you want. Moreover, granite is resistant to heat and can resist stains, mildew, and molds that may accumulate on its surface, with the use of proper sealing.

Soapstone is another stone material that is ideal for use in outdoor kitchens. This material also comes with great heat and stain resistant features, and it does not require any additional sealing either.

Tile Countertops

Tile countertops are an inexpensive countertop option available for use in outdoor kitchens. Tile countertops are available in a wide range of colors and styles that match the requirements of any kind of outdoor kitchen setup. It is best for homes in colder regions, as grouts are prone to cracking during the freeze thaw cycle.

Choosing freeze-resistant tiles is one way to avoid the occurrence of cracks. However, note that porcelain and granite tiles are less prone to fading than normal ceramic tiles.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete is another preferred material for using as countertops for outdoor kitchens. It is one of the most popular materials among homeowners and is highly durable. Additionally, concrete countertops must be frequently sealed for preventing cracking and staining on the surface.

Concrete countertop materials are available in a wide range of colors that makes it helpful in matching with the color scheme of the kitchen. However, installing concrete countertops needs to be done carefully as the surface can get cracked with pressure.

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