Benefits of Using Granite Countertops in the Kitchen

Countertops are the most sought over components during the remodeling of the kitchen. Having a good countertop significantly enhances the appeal and functionality offered by a kitchen. This is why most homeowners look for granite countertops over other custom countertops during their kitchen remodeling.

Granite countertops offer several benefits to the homemaker, such as vastly improving the look, and bringing about more functions to the kitchen than before. To clear things up, below are some of the most striking benefits of using granite countertops in the kitchen.

Granite is Easy to Fix

Granite countertops can break or form cracks when heavy objects fall on their surface. There is also a possibility that the surface can get chipped which results in an unevenness of the surface. However, it is much easier to fix a granite countertop than most other custom countertops materials.

You just need to seek professional assistance from the contractor who installed the countertops in your home during the remodel to fix them. These remodeling contractors use certain putty mixed with dyes that match the color of the countertop for resealing the surface. This will seamlessly blend with the rest and can further protect the stone from any accidental spillage.

Granite is Durable

Durability is one of the major benefits of using a granite countertop. Being a hard stone, granite is super tough, and that shields it from any scratching or chipping of the stone surface. In addition, application of a sealer on the surface of the stone by a professional can assist in extending the life of the countertop, while also making it resistant to stains.

Granite is Bacteria Resistant

The non-porous nature of granite will prevent the soaking of anything into it. This ensures that the surface remains free of any bacteria, dirt, or grime that commonly resides in the kitchen and the countertop. Moreover, the smoother and sealed the surface of the granite is, will result in easier cleaning of any spills or leftover food.

Granite Enhances Kitchen Value

Choosing granite countertops can significantly increase the value of the kitchen. The eco-friendly nature of the stone along with its unique patterns and color can lend a truly distinctive look to the kitchen. This can create more appeal to any prospective buyers if the home is put on sale.

Granite is Family Friendly

The tough nature of granite countertops makes it an ideal family-friendly countertop material. It can take on any kinds of stress, such as placing a hot pan directly on the surface. Moreover, the surface stays free from any scratches during common kitchen work.

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