3 Heating Options to Choose when Remodeling Old Homes

solarMost of the older homes in the US have an old-fashioned heating system that fails at effectively dissipating the heat to the interior of the home. Besides that, these systems also consume more energy due to their outdated design and are therefore less efficient. This is why most people look for modern plans to update their home heating system when remodeling older homes.

Home remodeling is the perfect way to upgrade the heating systems in older homes. This process of replacement will be comparatively easier during remodeling as the roofs and walls are mostly changed or repaired. However, there are several modern heating options offered by a home remodeling service that can be considered during the remodeling of an older home. To ease things up, below are three of the best heating options to choose when remodeling older homes.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is an option found in most modern homes. It involves a network of plastic tubes distributed under the floors through which warm water is circulated. This will lead to the conduction of heat into the floors thereby offering a much more comfortable living experience for the inhabitants of the home. Radiant floor heating is one of the best heating options to consider when remodeling older homes. This is because remodeling involves the replacement of existing flooring, which makes it easier for the installation of the radiant floor heating system.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating systems are the best passive heating option to consider when remodeling an older home. The addition of specific solar roofing shingles or thermal windows allows sufficient solar light to get absorbed into the interiors and prevent them from escaping out. This will provide heating inside the home, which is also used in combination with a heat pump for circulating the air. As home remodeling involves numerous teardowns and replacements, it will be much easier to install a solar heating system.

Modulating Condensing Boilers

Modulating condensing boilers are an updated version of the older boiler systems used in homes. This system functions by circulating hot water throughout the house via components like a circulating pump and radiator unit. A thermostat system regulates the temperature in the entire unit. Modulating condensing boilers use advanced features that effectively regulate the heat needed for keeping the interiors in correct the temperature and thereby saves more energy than older systems.

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